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Vacination against pathogens has turned out being of limited efficiency, save perhaps for pushing natural selection towards ever more aggressive pathogen strains. What remain in need are immunologically healthy animals and this can be achieved prophylactically through supporting healthy gut microbiota. In turn, such animals are naturally resistant to infection and less communicative of the pathogens if infected in the first place. Second, the pathogen itself is less interested in approaching healthy subjects and therefore less at search of such resistant host. It just makes sense to guest and host in a constant fight for survival. The rule of thumb for success in healthy farming: make sure guest (viurs, bacteria) and host (farm animal) live a happy life independently – or say otherwise in respect – of each other. Hen egg white lysozyme in its native form is inhibitory of gram-positive pathogens and, when partially hydrolyzed upon digestion, against their spore-forming & gram-negative counterparts. Altogether, lysozyme plays a central role in innate immunity through providing an optimum environment for proliferation of healthy gut species with no selective pressure on pathogens. Virus act – among other ways – through reducing the capacity of the host to produce its own endogenous protective lysoyzme, thereby interfering with innate immunity and facilitating intra- not to mention inter-species viral communication & spreading. Uncontrolled proliferation, epidemics occur as a result, a pandemic is perceived as a threat. Within that framework of advanced understanding, lysozyme is recognized as a microbiological safeguard and feed-to-food conversion optimizer in modern husbandry animal breeding and production (meat, milk, eggs). The recommended level of dosage varies according to environmental conditions & species, but as a rule of thumb some 125 U/g (25 g/MT) feed dosage is sufficient across the board to reach best results in prevention.
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