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IF(OvoLipids): Recommendations

Standard recommended average composition of infant food (IF) formula:

  • Protein                       2.4g/100Cal (10%)
  • Lipids                        5.2g/100Cal (45%)
  • Carbohydrates           11.5g/100Cal (45%)

  “Egg protein in OvoLipids IF are in their molten globule state to serve the sensitive market of infant & elderly foods with hypo-allergenic / highly bio-available essential ingredients (amino & fatty acids, vitamins & minerals, glycopeptides).”



Recommended dosage for IF is 65Cal/100ml or 12.25g/100ml. The amount of cholesterol in such OvoLipids IF (9.5mg/100ml) accounts for some 50% of that found naturally in breast milk (19mg/100ml).

Based on 100% dry matter (15.3g 80%S)


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