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Why Avidin

How Nature does produce a fully haired chick in just 21 days? With just 25 micrograms Biotin or Vitamin H (H for Hair)? The Answer is Avidin, a unique protein found in egg white and nowhere else in Nature. Avidin specifically binds Biotin and targets it there & then, where & when it is needed for hair follicle to grow. Targeting allows extremely low amounts of active ingredients to be extremely active, a primary requirement for in ovo life development. When applied to humans, the Avidin-Biotin System does exactly that, ie promote hair growth (length & volume), specifically, without interfering with other biological pathways wherein Biotin is involved. A standard diet fulfills the daily requirements for Biotin, yet ABS is needed by an ever increasing number of humans suffering hair thinning and loss with age. Dietary supplements are usually dosed at 5,000 micrograms a day for the same effect as that at hand with 25 micrograms with ABS. The Chicken-Egg tandem does not lie. Of course, skin & nails benefit from the gentle treatment, too.

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