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BioCalcium may be kept sealed at room temperature for years (shelf life > 5yr). Upon opening, it is recommended to use the product within 2 years.

Dusty powder in bulk (avoid ventilation).
In case of contact with respiratory tissues, humidify / rinse with water.

Optimal blood levels of Vitamin D: >30ng/ml. It is estimated that a sun exposure of 10-15 min daily on face and arms during spring, summer and fall, is needed/sufficient to maintain vitamin D deposits at adequate levels.

Soluble calcium salts: citrate (24%Ca; E333; Ca3(C6H507)2; mw: 498.4Da), lactate (18%Ca; E327; CaC6H10O6; mw: 218.2Da), lactate/gluconate (12%Ca; E578; CaC9H16O10; mw: 324.3Da), gluconate (9%Ca; E579; Ca(C6H11O7)2; mw: 430.4Da). See Aquamin products.
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